In a growing digital world that is becoming more and more disconnected, customers are looking for more. They don’t just want to purchase a product or service – they want an experience.

But not just any experience. A genuine, transparent, honest experience from a business that knows who they are and stays true to what they stand for. A business that is authentic.

While “authenticity” seems like the latest business buzzword, businesses who are taking it on board and creating an authentic approach are cashing in. So to ensure you’re one of these businesses, here are four tips to help you become more authentic in business.

1. Be real

Know who you are, what you do and who you’re targeting. Work out what you’re passionate about, what you stand for and what the purpose of your business is – beyond making profit, and share it with the world. Be real, be honest, stay true to what you stand for and believe in. The best way to be seen as being authentic is to actually be authentic.

2. Be consistent

We often here this in reference to the look of our brand, but it’s more than that. Be consistent with the messages you create, the tone of voice you use, the quality of your products and services, your work ethic and professionalism and in all other areas of business. Not only will it help your business stay on-brand, it will resonate in the minds of your customers and you will be trusted for your reliability.

3. Back up your claims

If you make a claim, prove it. Show testimonials, reviews or case studies, display your portfolio or give a product demonstration, do whatever you need to do to prove your claims, establish your expertise and show how you can help. This will build your credibility, show you are who you say you are and that you are a trustworthy professional.

4. Be accountable

Take responsibility for your actions and be accountable. If you make a mistake own it, if you have an unhappy client address it and if you’ve made a wrong decision correct it. Be humble, be professional, stay within the lines and apologise for any wrong doing. Protect your reputation. By doing this and being open, honest and accountable for your mistakes you will often turn a negative situation into a positive opportunity.

How do you ensure you stay authentic in business?