Helping you find your voice and use it powerfully

We believe marketing is the most fundamental skill we each can master in our lifetime. Whether you are on a date, in a job interview, pitching for a promotion, selling a product or negotiating with a toddler, you are in the business of marketing.

You need to listen for needs, find the win-win solution and use your powers of persuasion to market yourself, your ideas, your value, your opinion or your product to achieve what you set out to achieve. You market daily, and you need to know how to do it well.

That is why we do what we do. We help people find their voice and use it powerfully.

In the business world, that means seeing the world through your customer’s eyes to create branding that is believable, copywriting that is compelling, and marketing that is magnetic. 

When done right, this not only achieves your business goals and outcomes but also positively impacts the lives of your customers by solving their problems and meeting their needs, so everyone wins.

Who do we work with?

Since our inception in 2007, we have had the privilege of working with a wide range of businesses from small start-ups through to large corporate multi-national companies, across more than 30 industries.

Our clients are visionaries, disruptors, entrepreneurs, speakers and experts all with one key thing in common – they want to make a genuine difference in the lives of the people they serve. They are authentic, motivated, value-focused and customer-driven, just like us.

That’s why we go above and beyond for them. We work with businesses and brands we truly believe in. Clients that we are willing to use, happy to endorse and passionate about seeing succeed.

We write an average of over 90,000 words per month.
We have worked across more than 30 industries.
We serve both B2B and B2C clients.

What we’re all about

You’re probably getting a good sense of who we are by now, but here are some more things you should know about the way we work.
We put our emotional intelligence to good use

With high levels empathy and an innate ability to read people, we can quickly get into the mind of your customer and use this to guide our thinking and campaign development to create an emotional response in your customers.

We have a habit of listening between the lines
Listening is our superpower. Not only do we take in what is being said, but we also take in what isn’t. This is how we identify goals, priorities and tone of voice. It’s also how we can quickly articulate the messages you want to get across
We serve our customer’s customer
To do our job effectively and get the results you really want it is your customer that we serve. This approach strips away the jargon and ego and gives your customers what they really want in the voice they want to hear it
We like to ask a lot of questions.
It’s not that we’re nosy. It’s just how we learn about you, your business and the market you play in. Most importantly though it helps us understand the customers you serve and what they want and need most from you.
We have a proven copywriting formula
And we’re not afraid to use it! On a serious note, though, we’ve developed a copywriting formula that takes into consideration buyer psychology and neuromarketing techniques, and it’s generated great results for over a decade
We never, ever stop learning
While we know our craft and have practised it for nearly two decades, our greatest strength is in our continual learning. We have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and we continually improve our process.

Meet our founder

Hey there! I’m Amanda. Ever since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by change and the role of outside forces in transformation. It’s what lead me into the study chemistry. But a semester in and a report that said, “Amanda would do far better in Chemistry if she ignored the chemistry she had with Anthony” I started questioning whether it was the reactions between substances I wanted to study or the emotional and psychological interactions between people. 

So, I ditched the class, married the boy and began my love affair with words, embarking on a journey to create a different kind of chemistry – one between customer and brand. 


When you look at the messages that have lasted through generations like the nursery rhymes we tell our children, to the highly influential speeches in history, they capture our hearts and attention because they give us a story to buy into. As humans, we learn, connect and influence through stories. Cultures are built on it. History is remembered by it. And great brands are established because of it. 

Looking for the corporate biography?

Amanda Jesnoewski is a highly experienced copywriter, marketing strategist and publicist. Trained as a journalist with over fifteen years’ experience in marketing, branding and public relations, Amanda is known for her ability to rapidly understand a business and create sharp, succinct, persuasive messages that engage readers and generate results.

Throughout her career she has generated both national and international media coverage with her clients featured on Today Tonight, The Australian, The Huffington Post, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Courier Mail, The Sunday Mail, Marie Claire, Woman’s Day, Holiday With Kids, Mother and Baby, My Child Magazine and more.

Amanda has also been a regular writer for StartUp Smart and has also been featured on Smart Company, Women’s Agenda, Ninemsn Nine News Finance, Yahoo7! and Flying Solo.

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